The soft skills of a European professional

What skills should students develop to become successful European professionals? This question lies at the heart of this research project.

The European Studies programme at The Hague University of Applied Sciences educates students to become professionals who can work successfully in a European context. During this programme students become aware of issues such as intercultural sensitivity, networking skills and how to work with(-in)different layers of government. In European Studies, students learn to become European professionals. Their knowledge and skills provide a good basis for solving European problems.

However, it takes more than just theoretical knowledge to become a successful professional. This research project focuses on the 'soft skills' that are important to effectively enter the European labour market. With a special methodology, the 'Q-method', the insights of EU officials, lobbyists, NGO workers, HR managers and alumni of the European Studies programme are tested. The results of this research are used to improve the curriculum of the European Studies programme and the training course for professionals. Are you interested in cooperation?

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