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Europe takes human work- every day hundreds of professionals in the Netherlands and other EU-member states are busy making and implementing European policies. They play an important role in shaping and carrying out European priorities. With the European Professionals in the Spotlight project, we want to put a face on this fact.

In this project, EU professionals are -literally- put in the spotlight. Over the course of a year, we photographed 50 professionals in the Netherlands while they were working on one of the European priorities and interviewed them about the European components of their work. These professionals represented a wide range of careers (e.g. journalists, policy officers/advisors, lecturers, etc.). Their portraits were published online and consolidated in a printed magazine called Portraits of European Professionals. This magazine is used for various workshops and events aimed at students and professionals, informing them on career opportunities in the European field and the diversity of EU work within the member states.

The goal of carrying out the interviews with the professionals was to provide insight into the daily work that goes into shaping Europe through an accessible format. In doing so, the emphasis was put on the “how” and “what” of the EU instead of on the pro/anti discourse that is often dominant in the Netherlands.

Many citizens and (future) professionals have a limited view of the EU. Some believe that EU technocrats come up with rules that are thrown at them and that “Europe” takes place in Brussels, far away from their daily lives.

With this project, we aim to change this image of Europe among a new generation of students and professionals. Therefore, we highlighted who in the Netherlands is helping to build Europe, while also shedding light on the knowledge, skills, and competencies that are essential for European collaboration and underlining the fact that you do not necessarily have to be in Brussels to contribute to European affairs.

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